encompass timeline

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See what we plan to deliver and when this will happen.

  • Pre-work – COMPLETE

    This phase enables encompass to work with Epic to learn more about how we will work and when we will reach key milestones.

    This phase includes:

    • Planning
    • Creating new processes to make sure work and decisions can move forward to the right people at the right time
    • Buying the technology we need
    • Working with the public and staff to understand and plan for changes
  • Workflow Walkthrough & Configuration – WE ARE HERE

    During this phase, staff see what the system looks like, and work begins on building it to meet our needs. We also begin testing what we have built to make sure it is fit for purpose.

  • User & System Readiness

    In this phase, we prepare to train our staff. This phase also includes careful testing to make sure encompass is ready for the demands of life in Health and Social Care.

  • Training, Go Live & Post Live Support

    Before each Trust turns on the system, all staff in that Trust are trained. There will be practice runs to make sure all will go smoothly on Go Live day. There will be ongoing support once the system is up and running,

  • Optimisation

    During this phase, we focus on updating the system to make it even better, taking suggestions from staff and patients.

Page last updated: March 31, 2022