This FAQ section will be updated regularly as encompass progresses.

General FAQs

What is an electronic health record?

An electronic health care record (EHCR), electronic patient record (EPR) or electronic health record (EHR) is a single, joined up record for each person. This record records all their health and social care needs for the whole of their life.

What are the benefits of one digital record?

Having one record means that information does not need to be stored in lots of different systems. It allows health care staff to see the right information at the right time. An EHCR allows health care staff to work better because they no longer need lots of paper forms. This lets them focus on our patients, clients, and services users.

The new system will let our patients, clients, service users and carers get involved in looking after their own health. They can send and receive messages from staff. Staff can send advice and information back to them.

Why Epic?

Epic is considered a global leader, currently providing electronic records for over 250 million people both within UK and across the globe. We will use Epic’s expertise and work with Health and Social Care staff to build encompass.

Who is leading encompass?

encompass is led by staff from different backgrounds. They bring experience from HSC and from other organisations. The team and have a wealth of expertise in the health and social care, project management, technology, change management, administration, communication, legal, financial, and procurement fields.

Why hasn’t this been done before now?

Northern Ireland has always been at the forefront of using information technology for the best clinical care. We currently use a system called ECR which allows us to see patient information from a lot of different systems. But while it’s been a success, we still rely on paper to make notes and different systems to capture information.

Is our IT system very far behind health services in other regions?

Some of our systems are very old and they need to be replaced. The world’s best healthcare providers all have electronic health record at their centre. We want the best for our population, and, in today’s world, that requires world-class systems based around patients and clinicians.

While we have tried to keep up with these advances, we need new technology to help further development and put Northern Ireland on the right footing for the future. encompass is the solution.

What benefits will encompass bring?

Details on the expected benefits of encompass for HSC staff can be found here and for patients can be found here.

I am unsure of what some of these words mean

You can find a glossary of terms here.

HSC Staff FAQs

More FAQs from HSC staff will be added here in future.

How can I get involved?

HSCNI staff should contact their encompass Trust Lead for more information about encompass and ways to get involved. Alternatively, please click here to get in touch with the Programme team who will be able to advise of any available opportunities.

Who do I contact in my HSC Trust if I have a query about encompass?

You can contact your local HSC Trust encompass lead.

BHSCT – Ruth Marks
NHSCT -Lorrainep Gordon
SHSCT – Mark Toal
SEHSCT – Sean Dooher
WHSCT – Paula McGuinness

Page last updated: March 8, 2022