Over 3000 HSCNI staff are shaping the future of encompass


HSCNI staff to have a big say in the direction of encompass.

Over 3000 HSCNI staff have been selected to shape the future of encompass by participating in encompass Focused Content Design Groups (eFCDGs).

eFCDGs build on the decisions developed during the encompass decision groups and layer the specialty and service-specific content such as forms, assessments, and ordering tools needed to support day-to-day patient and service user care.

eFCDG members have been nominated from a wide variety of HSCNI services and backgrounds to represent their professional roles, as part of the interdisciplinary teams, assigned to over 130 groups.

Members will participate in a series of sessions, commencing at the end of April 2022, and will make relevant design decisions for their specific specialties and services, and identify areas of significant change across HSCNI.

Designs will be focused on region-wide standardisation with patient and service users at the heart, in order to achieve the highest level of patient and service-user safety.

Dr Dermot Hughes, our Senior Responsible Owner for the programme, states: “Our eFCDG members are critical as we move into the content design stage of the programme. We require their insight, expertise, and leadership to implement the shared vision for patients and social care users, through the encompass project.

I know they have abundant knowledge, ability and enthusiasm. It is anticipated that, together, they will design content based on the hundreds of decisions that were made in the eDGs. These decisions will shape everything from workflows and pathways, to how staff and patients/service users ultimately benefit from encompass.

This step is where we format encompass in the best interests of patients, service users and HSCNI staff. eFocus Content Design Group members will be asked to think standardisation for the region, for the future and for once for Northern Ireland.”

If you want more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email encompass.info@hscni.net.

Page last updated: April 8, 2022