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Digital innovation

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Our vision is to position HSCNI as a place that excels at encouraging and harnessing digital innovation in order to improve the delivery of services and the health & wellbeing of the population of Northern Ireland.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish the Digital Innovation Hub as a centre of excellence for scoping, prioritising, piloting and scaling innovation in digital health products, services and processes.

The Digital Innovation Hub

Our priority will be to lay the building blocks for the Digital Innovation Hub, including continuing to create an environment and culture that is conducive to innovation. We will work in an agile and safe manner, finding the best and quickest path to deliver each stage of the innovation pathway. The following pages will outline the functionality of the hub.

Innovation Projects

Innovation Discovery Project

HCNI in partnership with colleagues in R&D and the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, have embarked on a discovery project aimed at assessing, understanding, and optimising our healthcare system through innovation and collaboration. We have commissioned the Healthcare Innovation Consortium (HIC) to assist in this work.

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Core Strategic Outcomes

A coherent pathway

The Digital Innovation Hub will provide a coherent method and pathway for digital innovation activities that meet our strategic objectives and prioritisation approach.

Prioritised initiatives

The Digital Innovation Hub will provide a fail safe environment in which prioritised initiatives can be progressed, tested and piloted before progressing to the scale and spread stage.

External stakeholders

The Digital Innovation Hub will engage with internal and external stakeholders to scan for future opportunities, explore innovative funding solutions and develop mutually beneficial partnerships across different sectors and industries.

Accelerated adoption

The Digital Innovation Hub will lead the way in accelerating the adoption of innovative digital solutions in health and social care in Northern Ireland.


Finding valuable partners

Funding advice

Awareness and dissemination


Promoting industry needs


High level application review


Navigating the innovation support landscape

Page last updated: 9 May 2024