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2022 – 2030

Making lives better for the people of Northern Ireland, using digital to transform the way we deliver health, care and well-being services.

As we move forward, the role of digital in achieving the ambitions set out in our Health and Wellbeing 2026 – Delivering Together Strategy will come increasingly into focus. Our new Digital Strategy outlines how we will rise to the challenge of delivering the digital transformation needed to improve health and care outcomes going forward, alongside standardisation of our services and coordinated regional management as part of our own change journey. This digital strategy has been developed alongside our people. They have helped shape our priorities and initiatives for successful digital transformation and confirmed our new digital vision.

For our population, digital holds the potential to provide greater visibility, control and personalisation of care.

We will provide more personalised care, including full visibility of health data and care pathways, moving towards precision medicine to identify the best approaches and care pathways for everyone. A single electronic care record will empower people and staff to have full visibility of care pathways.

We will empower the population to take an active role in care and wellness decision-making, developing new digital ways for people to access health services. This includes easier online communications, virtual assistance and consultations, as well as the ability to view their personal health record. We will co-design solutions that tackle digital inequalities, responding to user needs and ensuring user experience is at the centre.

What is our Digital Vision?

Our areas of focus

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Personalised care

Digital will provide our people with greater visibility and control over treatment and care journeys. For our population, digital holds the potential to provide greater visibility, control and personalisation of care.

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Quality & Safety

Digital solutions will put quality and safety at the heart of all new processes, systems and ways of working across health and care pathways . Standardised pathways designed with service, staff and patients in mind.

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Effective and joined up care through systems integration and streamlined information flows. Digital solutions with a focus on systems integration and streamlined information flows will optimise efficiency and productivity across care delivery and operations.

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Digital will enable health and social care professionals and staff to work more efficiently and collaboratively across standardised systems. Digital solutions underpinned by standardised systems will allow our staff to enhance how care is provided to our population and improve health and care outcomes.

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Intelligent use of data

Making better use of data will optimise performance and harness population health insights, whilst ensuring robust data protection standards. Intelligent use of data, underpinned by seamless access, will support integrated management of our health and care pathways.

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Research and innovation

Digital will support the acceleration of research and innovation to gradually embrace system leading disruptive and cutting edge solutions Embed a culture of research and innovation across our organisations, underpinned by greater collaboration with our key partners.

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Page last updated: 19 June 2023